The Google Glass Explorer Edition SDK is deprecated. This documentation is no longer being maintained. If you're interested in developing Glass solutions for enterprise clients, visit the Google Glass Enterprise Edition developer documentation.

Platform Overview

When developing Glassware, the best practice is to develop with the Glass Development Kit. This allows you to access low-level hardware features and create robust experiences in a familiar Android environment.

We recommend you read the design patterns guide. They'll help you design your Glassware and go over best practices that will help you build quickly.

If you're familiar with all of our best practices or if none of the patterns work for you, learn more about our APIs below.

The Glass Development Kit

The Glass Development Kit (GDK) is an add-on to the Android SDK that lets you build Glassware that runs directly on Glass. Use the GDK to take advantage of the following features:

Real-time User Interaction

Offline Functionality

Access to Hardware

By using the Android SDK and GDK, you can leverage the vast array of Android APIs and also design a great experience for Glass.

Work in the Android environment

We designed the Glass platform to make the existing Android SDK just work on Glass. This lets you code in a familiar environment, but for a uniquely novel device.

In addition, you can use all of the existing Android development tools, and your Glassware is even delivered as a standard Android package (APK).