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Before you begin

This cloud styling preview includes more map features and styling options than the current styling. Additionally, this release contains some changes to be aware of before you update or use the new map styles. Be sure to review the following sections for information about using this preview release.

The order and hierarchy of map features has changed

Because the order and hierarchy has changed, you may need to make changes to your current styles or your process to use this version. For example, to style Water, you look under Natural>Water. To see all of the new hierarchy, see Map feature hierarchy.

  • Existing map styles need to be updated or recreated to use the new features. For a comparison of the current hierarchy to this version, see Update to the new cloud styling hierarchy.

  • While the hierarchy for this release is expected to stay the same, it is possible that issues may come up that require changes after this release. For that reason, don't use this release in production.


There are some limitations and known issues in this release. This release doesn't support the following features:

  • Data-driven styling (DDS)

  • Uploading JSON styles

  • Styling customizations for zoom-ranges

  • POI density controls

  • Illustrative landmarks

  • Building styles (3D and footprint)

Known Issues

  • Some points of interest ignore custom styling and visibility at certain zoom levels: If a point of interest is highlighted (bolded text) on the base map, custom styling does not work, and it is still visible even if you turn off Visibility. This only occurs at zoom levels where the point of interest is highlighted on the base map.

  • Map display issues: The preview map for this release uses a vector map. In cases when vector maps cannot be loaded on your web browser, it falls back to a "no map" experience:

    If you run into this issue, try the following:

  • Style editor latency: You might notice some latency when applying style customization changes in the style editor.

Application and website requirements

To display preview map styles, your websites and applications require the following platform versions:

  • JavaScript vector-based maps: JavaScript Maps API 3.47 or later

  • JavaScript raster-based maps: JavaScript Maps API 3.49 or later

  • iOS: iOS Maps SDK 8.2 or later

  • Android: Android SDK version 18.0.0 or later with the new Android Map Renderer and GMSCore container version 23.33.16

Ready to get started? See Opt in to Preview

Opt in to Preview

To use the preview styling, you must opt in when creating a map style.

  1. Go to the Google Maps Platform, and select Map Styles.

  2. Select Create Style.

  3. Select Opt In at the top to change to the Preview cloud styling.

Update earlier styles

If you have used earlier versions of cloud-based maps styling, see Update to the new map hierarchy.