Get Started

Start building with commonly used features of the Maps SDK for iOS.
Create an account, generate an API key, and start building.
Learn how to load the Maps SDK for iOS, and add a map with a marker to your web app.
Customize just about every aspect of the map, including roads, geographical features, points of interest, and more.
Find the current location of an iOS device, and display details of the place or other point of interest at that location.


Browse docs for core features of the Maps SDK for iOS.
Add a basic map to an iOS app.
Add markers to a map, make them interact with click events, customize the color, image, and more.
Customize how users will interact by configuring built-in UI components and gestures.
Listen to events on the map, including map clicks, marker clicks, camera changes, overlay events, and more.
Add polygons, polylines, and circles to your maps, and customize their appearance.
Add image overlays that are tied to latitude and longitude, and move when dragging or zooming the map.
Control aspects of the camera including position, zoom level, and bearing.
Superimpose images on top of Google's base map tiles, to add data and local imagery to your app.
Embed a non-interactive Street View panorama or thumbnail into your web page using a simple HTTP request.

Example apps and code samples

Run sample apps and code that demonstrate the use of the Maps SDK for iOS.
Install and run Maps SDK for iOS demos in both Swift and Objective-C.
Learn how to add a map to your iOS app, and more.
Follow the Codelab for adding maps using SwiftUI.

Utility & helper libraries

Integrate open-source utility and helper libraries for iOS apps.
Enhance your app with utilities for a wide range of applications.
A Swift library containing Combine support for Google Maps Platform iOS SDKs.

Help & support

Get help. Give help. Join the community.

Get help. Give Help. Build Maps karma.

Report a bug or open a feature request.

Find out about platform incidents and outages.

Get help from the Google Maps Platform team.