Encapsulates the additional information that the user should be informed about, such as possible traffic zone restriction etc.

JSON representation
  "tollInfo": {
    object (TollInfo)
  "speedReadingIntervals": [
      object (SpeedReadingInterval)
  "fuelConsumptionMicroliters": string

object (TollInfo)

Encapsulates information about tolls on the Route. This field is only populated if we expect there are tolls on the Route. If this field is set but the estimatedPrice subfield is not populated, we expect that road contains tolls but we do not know an estimated price. If this field is not set, then we expect there is no toll on the Route.


object (SpeedReadingInterval)

Speed reading intervals detailing traffic density. Applicable in case of TRAFFIC_AWARE and TRAFFIC_AWARE_OPTIMAL routing preferences. The intervals cover the entire polyline of the route without overlap. The start point of a specified interval is the same as the end point of the preceding interval.


polyline: A ---- B ---- C ---- D ---- E ---- F ---- G
speedReadingIntervals: [A,C), [C,D), [D,G).

string (int64 format)

The fuel consumption prediction in microliters.