Available route options

Along with specifying the origin and destination, you can specify many options to control the route. For more details on how to set these options, follow the links in the table:

Option Description
Travel mode The mode of travel, such as drive, transit, bicycle, walk, or two-wheel vehicle.
Calculate toll fees Estimate any toll fees for a route.
Specify route features to avoid Specify options to avoid tolls, avoid highways, and other options.
Request route polylines Request a set of coordinates that represent a route, that optionally include traffic information.
Request alternative routes Compute up to three alternative routes along with the default route.
Request localized values Request an additional response field that provides localized text for trip duration, distance, and unit system (metric or imperial)
Optimize the order of stops Calculate the best order in which to visit waypoints along a route.

Additional options

Check out the links in this table for additional options.

More options Description
Available vehicle types for routes Additional options for selecting the type of vehicle that travels the route.
Waypoint types and options Additional options for setting and configuring waypoints.
Available traffic options for routes Additional options for including or excluding traffic data when calculating a route.
Additional options To specify additional options, such as the departure time, the language code for the returned response (Compute Routes only), and the units of measure in the response (Compute Routes only). See Request body.