The Routes API is currently in Preview (pre-GA). Pre-GA products and features might have limited support, and changes to pre-GA products and features might not be compatible with other pre-GA versions. Pre-GA Offerings are covered by the Google Maps Platform Service Specific Terms. For more information, see the launch stage descriptions.

Route two-wheeled vehicles

The Routes API supports four travel modes:

  • Drive
  • Walk
  • Bicycle
  • Two-wheeler

Two-wheeler refers to two-wheeled motorized vehicles (for example, motorcycles). The two-wheeler travel mode differs from the bicycle travel mode, which is a human-powered travel mode.

Use the travelMode property of a request to specify the mode. The possible values of this property are defined by enumerations in RouteTravelMode (REST) and RouteTravelMode (gRPC).

Specify the two-wheeler travel mode

When you call a Routes API, you specify the RouteTravelMode enumeration value to specify the travel mode.

The following example demonstrates how to set the travel mode in a computeRoutes method (REST) request body. You can also specify this option to the ComputeRoutes method (gRPC).


Countries supported for two-wheeled vehicles

Two-wheeled vehicles are currently supported in the following countries/regions.

Country/region Abbreviation
Algeria DZ
Argentina AR
Bangladesh BD
Benin BJ
Bolivia BO
Brazil BR
Cambodia KH
Chile CL
Colombia CO
Costa Rica CR
Ecuador EC
Egypt EG
Ghana GH
Guatemala GT
Honduras HN
Hong Kong HK
India IN
Indonesia ID
Kenya KE
Laos LA
Malaysia MY
Mexico MX
Myanmar MM
Nicaragua NI
Nigeria NG
Pakistan PK
Paraguay PY
Peru PE
Philippines PH
Rwanda RW
Singapore SG
South Africa ZA
Sri Lanka LK
Taiwan TW
Thailand TH
Togo TG
Tunisia TN
Uganda UG
Uruguay UY
Vietnam VN