Ad Load Errors

When an ad fails to load, a failure callback is called which provides a LoadAdError object.

For any ad format, if the ad fails to load, the following callback is called:

public void OnAdFailedToLoad(object sender, AdFailedToLoadEventArgs args)

The following code snippet retrieves error information when an ad fails to load:

public void OnAdFailedToLoad(object sender, AdFailedToLoadEventArgs args)
    LoadAdError loadAdError = args.LoadAdError;

    // Gets the domain from which the error came.
    string domain = loadAdError.GetDomain();

    // Gets the error code. See
    // and
    // for a list of possible codes.
    int code = loadAdError.GetCode();

   // Gets an error message.
   // For example "Account not approved yet". See
   // for explanations of
   // common errors.
   string message = loadAdError.GetMessage();

   // Gets the cause of the error, if available.
   AdError underlyingError = loadAdError.GetCause();

   // All of this information is available via the error's toString() method.
   Debug.Log("Load error string: " + loadAdError.ToString());

   // Get response information, which may include results of mediation requests.
   ResponseInfo responseInfo = loadAdError.GetResponseInfo();
   Debug.Log("Response info: " + responseInfo.ToString());

This information can be used to more accurately determine what caused the ad load to fail. In particular, for errors under the domain on iOS and on Android, the GetMessage() can be looked up in this help center article for a more detailed explanation and possible actions that can be taken to resolve the issue.