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For integration instructions, visit the individual partner pages, under the Integrate partner networks header in the left navigation bar.

Network details

Mediation in Ad Manager supports several ad sources, which accommodate integrations for both bidding and waterfall methods. Click an ad source for integration instructions specific to that ad source.

Ad source Banner Interstitial Rewarded Rewarded Interstitial Bidding Ad source optimization support
Open source and versioned — third-party SDK required
AppLovin Country-specific
Chartboost Country-specific
DT Exchange Country-specific
i-mobile Japan only
InMobi 1 Country-specific
ironSource Ads Country-specific
Liftoff Monetize 1 Country-specific
maio Japan only
Meta Audience Network Country-specific
Mintegral Country-specific
myTarget Country-specific
Pangle Country-specific
Unity Ads Country-specific
Non-open source — third-party SDK required
AdFalcon Country-specific
Flurry Country-specific
Leadbolt Country-specific
LG U+AD None
Tencent GDT None
Vpon None
Zucks Country-specific

1 Bidding integration is in beta.

Open source and versioned adapters

If an adapter is labeled with "Open source and versioned" in the previous table, it means the adapter source code is open-sourced in Google's GitHub repository (Android or iOS), enabling you to debug issues yourself should you choose to do so.

Each adapter is built against a specific version of the third-party ad network SDK. Follow the specific partner's integration guide for more details.

Adapter versioning

Unity adapters follow a <major>.<minor>.<patch> versioning scheme that models the underlying Android and iOS SDK dependencies for that ad network. If either the Android or iOS dependency gets a major or minor version bump, the Unity adapter also gets a corresponding version bump. All other releases get a patch version bump.

Automatic data collection

When you configure multiple ad networks for mediation, you have to specify what order to request these networks by setting their respective CPM. This can be difficult to manage, since ad network performance changes over time.

Automatic data collection is a feature that lets you generate the highest CPM from the ad networks in your mediation chain by automating the process of ordering the mediation chain to maximize revenue.

The previous mediation networks table uses the following values for automatic data collection support:

Automatic data collection support What it means
Country-specific eCPM values are automatically updated on your behalf on a per-country basis. This is the optimal type of optimization.
None You must manually configure an eCPM value for that ad network.

Click a specific ad network's guide for details on how to configure automatic data collection for that network.