Integrating AdFalcon with Mediation

This guide is intended for publishers who are interested in using Google Mobile Ads mediation with AdFalcon. It walks you through getting a mediation adapter set up with your current app and setting up additional request parameters.

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Helpful primers

The following Help Center articles provide background information on mediation:

Include network adapter and SDK

Download the SDK and adapter for AdFalcon from links provided above. Some SDKs already include a Google Mobile Ads adapter, while others offer it as a separate file. See the integration instructions or README that's included with each adapter.

Include the mediated networks' SDKs and adapter files within the appropriate directory of your Unity project:

  • Android: Assets/Plugins/Android
  • iOS: Assets/Plugins/iOS

Include network configurations

Some ad networks require extra configurations to be added to your AndroidManifest.xml file. You can make these modifications to the AndroidManifest.xml inside the Assets/Plugins/Android/GoogleMobileAds directory.
After generating an Xcode from Unity, include any frameworks, compiler flags, or linker flags that your chosen networks require.

Your app need not call any third-party ad network code directly; the Google Mobile Ads SDK interacts with the mediated network's adapter to fetch third-party ads on your behalf.