Change the style of landmarks

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Landmarks and prominent places can have their own icons. You can choose from two different icon types to represent these types of places: Standard POI icons are similar in appearance to other map place markers; Illustrated POI icons feature a more distinctive appearance.

To change the landmark icon style, perform the following steps:

  1. Zoom in on the map enough to see landmarks shown. For example, zoom in to Paris with a zoom level of 13.

  2. In Map features, select the gear icon a black and white gear with six spokes to open the Settings pane.

    • Select the Standard landmark style to display standard POI icons:
      A map of downtown Seattle showing standard Google POI icons: a tiny white icon on a teardrop-shaped teal icon glyph over landmarks like the Art Museum and Smith Tower.

    • Select the Illustrated landmark style to display distinctive POI icons:
      A map of downtown Seattle showing distinctive POI icons: a small black-and-white line art illustration of the POI in question such as Smith Tower. These markers are about twice to three times the size of a standard POI marker including the marker background.

  3. To style the landmark POI icons, expand Points of interest and select Landmark in the Style Editor to open the Landmark element pane, where you can customize the visibility, icon color, and text fill color.
    A map of downtown Seattle showing distinctive POI icons and the element pane to toggle visibility, icon color, and text color.