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This latest release of cloud-based maps styling includes more map features and styling options than the legacy styling, and some changes to be aware of before you update to or use the new map styles. Review Known Issues and the following sections for information about using this release.


Using cloud-based maps styling requires a map ID. On Maps SDK for Android, Maps SDK for iOS, and JavaScript, using a map ID incurs a charge against the Dynamic Maps SKU. On the Maps Static API, using a map ID incurs a charge against the Static Maps SKU.

Application and website requirements

To display map styles, your websites and applications require the following platform versions:

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Update legacy styles

Because the order and hierarchy has changed, you may need to make changes to your current styles or your process to use this version. For example, to style Water, you look under Natural>Water. To see all of the new hierarchy, see What you can style on a map.

Existing map styles need to be updated or recreated to use the new features. For a comparison of the current hierarchy to this version, see Map feature changes.

If you need to update legacy map styles, see Update to the latest version.