Create High Quality Pages

The success of the Google Search experience depends on delivering excellent results to users based on their queries—or search intent—and their context. When thinking about your content, pay attention to the following key elements to provide relevant content for users coming to you from Search:

  • Content is high quality. Does your content correspond to the user’s search intent? Have you kept your site free of spam? Learn more about how to build high-quality sites on our blog. Make sure you follow our quality guidelines.
  • Content is device friendly. Users search more from mobile devices than from desktops. For this reason, it’s important for you to address the mobile ecosystem so that mobile users can find content that displays well on their device. See Address mobile environments below.
  • Content loads quickly. If a page or destination loads too slowly, users may lose patience and abandon the page. Additionally, site speed is a ranking factor for your pages. See how well your site performs with the site speed test.
  • Content is accessible. Is the information on your page structured so that screen readers and speech output devices can parse it? Read more tips for making content universally accessible on our blog.

Address mobile environments

When developing or modifying your content, place the mobile environment at the top of your priorities. There are a variety of ways you can make your content display beautifully and appear quickly to users—across a variety of devices and in a variety of Internet connection speeds.

Use AMP for fast and engaging mobile pages

The AMP Project is an open-source initiative that enables you to create websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful, and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms. Learn more at AMP on Google Search.

For functional web, follow our mobile-friendly guidelines

Sites with ecommerce and customized functionality that cannot currently translate to AMP HTML should embody mobile-friendly practices. A site that is not mobile-friendly creates a frustrating experience for mobile users from Search, and they are likely to abandon the site quickly after tapping through. In contrast, a mobile-friendly site is immediately engaging and usable. Learn more about what makes a mobile friendly site in the Mobile Friendly Websites guide.

Use App Indexing for your mobile apps

App Indexing lets users re-engage with apps through seamless integration with Google Search. If your app is already installed when users search for related content, they have the option to launch your app directly from the search results. With the App Indexing API, your app's activity can improve the ranking of your content in search and aid discovery through query autocompletions in the Google App. Learn more about App Indexing on Firebase.

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