Google Wallet API JWT

JSON representation

  "iss": "",
  "aud": "google",
  "typ": "savetowallet",
  "iat": 1368029586,
  "payload": {
    "eventTicketClasses": [{
      ... //Event ticket Class JSON
    "eventTicketObjects": [{
      // Event ticket Object JSON
    "flightClasses": [{
      // Flight Class JSON
    "flightObjects": [{
      // Flight Object JSON
    "giftCardClasses": [{
      // Gift card Class JSON
    "giftCardObjects": [{
      // Gift card Object JSON
    "loyaltyClasses": [{
      // Loyalty Class JSON
    "loyaltyObjects": [{
      // Loyalty Object JSON
    "offerClasses": [{
      // Offer Class JSON
    "offerObjects": [{
      // Offer Object JSON
    "transitClasses": [{
      // Transit Class JSON
    "transitObjects": [{
      // Transit Object JSON
  "origins": ["", ""]


Field Type Required Description
iss String Y Your Google Cloud service account generated email address.
aud String Y Audience. The audience for Google Wallet API Objects will always be google.
typ String Y Type of JWT. The audience for Google Wallet API Objects will always be savetowallet.
iat Integer Y Issued at time in seconds since epoch.
payload Object Y Payload object.
payload.eventTicketClasses Array N Event Ticket Class to save.
payload.eventTicketObjects Array N Event Ticket Object to save.
payload.flightClasses Array N Flight Class to save.
payload.flightObjects Array N Flight Object to save.
payload.giftCardClasses Array N Gift Card Class to save.
payload.giftCardObjects Array N Gift Card Object to save.
payload.loyaltyClasses Array N Loyalty Class to save.
payload.loyaltyObjects Array N Loyalty Object to save.
payload.offerObjects Array N Offer Object to save.
payload.offerClasses Array N Offer Class to save.
payload.transitObjects Array N Transit Object to save.
payload.transitClasses Array N Transit Class to save.
origins Array Y Array of domains to approve for JWT saving functionality. The Google Wallet API button will not render when the origins field is not defined. You could potentially get a "Load denied by X-Frame-Options" or "Refused to display" messages in the browser console when the origins field is not defined.