Configure the Google Chat API

Each Google Chat app that you create requires its own Google Cloud project with the Chat API enabled and configured. This page shows you how to configure the Chat API.


Configure the Chat API

  1. In the Google Cloud console, search for "Google Chat API" and click Google Chat API, then click Manage.

    Go to Chat API

  2. Click the Configuration tab, and enter the following required information:

    • App name: The name that people use when interacting with your Chat app.
    • Avatar URL: An HTTPS URL pointing to a square graphics image (for example, PNG or JPEG), at least 128x128, that appears as the avatar for your Chat app.
    • Description: A description of the Chat app's intended purpose which appears below your Chat app's name.
  3. To turn on interactive features, click the Enable interactive features toggle that let users interact with your Chat app and use the following table to finish configuration:

    Field Description
    Functionality A set of fields that determine how Chat app can interact with users:
    • Receive 1:1 messages: Users can find and message the Chat app directly in Google Chat.
    • Join spaces and group conversations: Users can add the Chat app to spaces and group conversations.
    Connection settings The endpoint for the Chat app, which is one of the following:
    • App URL: An HTTPS endpoint that hosts the Chat app implementation.
    • Apps Script project: A deployment ID for an Apps Script project that implements a Chat app.
    • Cloud Pub/Sub topic name: A Pub/Sub topic that the Chat app subscribes to as an endpoint.
    • Dialogflow: Registers the Chat app with a Dialogflow integration. For more information, see Build a Dialogflow Google Chat app that understands natural language.
    Slash commands Commands that can be surfaced to users within Google Chat. Allows users to see core actions for your Chat app within Google Chat, and choose a specific action they want to interact with. For more information, see Respond to slash commands as a Chat app.
    Link previews URL patterns that the Chat app recognizes and provides additional content for when users send links. For more information, see Preview links.
    Visibility Up to 5 individuals or one or more Google Groups that can view and install your Chat app. Use this field to test your Chat app, or to share the Chat app with your team. For more information, see Visibility and publishing settings for your Chat app.
  4. To log errors to Cloud Logging whenever the Chat app returns an error, select the Log errors to Logging checkbox. For more information, see Query error logs for Chat apps.

  5. Click Save. When you save the Chat app configuration, your Chat app is available to the specified users in your Google Workspace organization.

Grant other people permission to configure a Chat app

You can grant specific users access to the Chat app configuration page. Use the Chat apps Owner and Chat apps Viewer IAM roles. Users with these roles can't navigate to the Chat apps configuration page by using the APIs & Services dashboard, but can access the configuration page by navigating to the Google Cloud console for the Chat app's host Cloud project as follows:

Where PROJECT_ID is the project ID of the Google Cloud project hosting the Chat app.