System-Managed Reports

This page lists the system-managed reports that YouTube generates for partners. YouTube automatically generates these reports for any content owners that have access to the corresponding reports in Reports menu. Note that some Creator Studio reports are not currently available in the API.

Each report's id, as returned by the API's reportTypes.list method, is provided in the report description. All of the system-managed reports that are currently available are monthly reports.

Some reports are customized to include relevant fields for different content types. For example, the Aggregate ad revenue per asset report contains an episode_title field for TV content and an album field for music labels. Use the tabs in the report tables below to view the correct set of fields for your content type.

Financial Summaries

This section contains the Payment Summary report. This report provides a snapshot of the total revenue earned across different revenue sources in both USD and local currency. This is only available if you are paid via AdSense.

Financial Reports

The following reports provide revenue data in more granular dimensions. For a complete description of reports, please visit our Help Center. Reports are deleted after two months to comply with data retention policies.


This report is a complete list of all videos uploaded to this account and includes each video's attributes and settings.


The assets report lists all of your assets. The asset conflicts report lists all of your assets which have an ownership conflict with another partner. The assets (shares) report lists all of your asset shares.


References reports provide a view of all the active reference files and associated matches.


Claims reports provide a list of all claims associated to this owner and include each claim's attributes and settings.


Reports for YouTube Primetime Channels.