Google Chat supports team collaboration by providing:

  • Chat spaces that let you dedicate discussion space on a per-project, per-team, or other basis as appropriate
  • Threaded conversations within spaces
  • Direct messages between users
  • Bots that can participate in spaces or respond to direct messages

Much of this developer documentation describes how to create and manage bots that you can use to provide new functionality in Google Chat.

About bots

Bots provide a conversational interface that let Google Chat users access services as if the service were a person, either within a chat space or by sending a direct message (DM) to the bot. This conversational access to services lets a bot appear to users as a virtual assistant. This powerful user paradigm is rapidly being embraced by services and companies around the world.

Building bots for Google Chat lets you easily encapsulate a combination of Google services, external services, and arbitrary processing into a cohesive conversational interface.