Downloads and samples

Terms & Conditions

By downloading the Google VR SDK, you agree that the Google APIs Terms of Service govern your use thereof.

Google VR SDK CocoaPod

To create Cardboard-compatible iOS apps, download the GVRSDK CocoaPod as follows:

  • Install CocoaPods from

  • Add a file named Podfile to your Xcode project folder, if you don't have one already.

  • Add the line 'pod GVRSDK' to the Podfile.

  • Run the command 'pod update' from Terminal in the Xcode project folder. This will download and add the GVRSDK CocoaPod to your project.

You can find the class and method descriptions for the Google VR SDK in the API reference.

See the release notes for changes from the previous version.

Sample iOS app

You can try out a sample "Treasure Hunt" app which illustrates how to use the Google VR SDK for iOS.

To obtain this sample, clone the gvr-ios-sdk Github repository by running the following command:

git clone

Once the clone operation completes, continue by reading the Getting Started guide.