Release Notes: 2021

This page lists the major changes in each release of Google Apps Script in 2021. It's intended to help developers identify changes in behavior. For more recent changes, see the current year's release notes.

December 2021

December 15, 2021

Versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the TLS security protocol are disabled. To establish JDBC connections, use TLS 1.2 or higher.

September 2021

September 1, 2021

In the HTML Service iframe sandbox, allow-top-navigation, which allows the content to navigate its top-level browsing context, is restricted and not set as an attribute in the sandbox. Instead, the allow-top-navigation-by-user-activation attribute has been added to the sandbox.

If you need to redirect your script, add a link or a button for the user to take action on.

Learn more about HMTL Service restrictions.

August 2021

August 31, 2021

The Drive Service has added three new methods to the file and folder classes to manage the use of resource keys when sharing files and folders.

  • getSecurityUpdateEligible() Gets whether a file for folder is eligible to apply the security update that requires a resource key for access when it's shared using a link.
  • getSecurityUpdateEnabled() Gets whether a file or folder requires a resource key for access when it's shared using a link.
  • setSecurityUpdateEnabled(enabled) Sets whether the file or folder requires a resource key for access when it's shared using a link.

Learn more about the resource key security update for Drive.

August 23, 2021

The Document Service has added support for smart chips by adding three new classes:

  • Date - An element representing a formatted date.
  • Person - An element representing a link to a person.
  • RichLink - An element representing a link to a Google resource, such as a Drive file or a YouTube video.

Learn more about smart chips in Google Docs.

August 9, 2021

The Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver was updated to version 7.2.1. If you encounter issues, report them on the issue tracker. If you're an administrator and need live support, contact Google Workspace support.

June 2021

June 1, 2021

A new divider widget has been added for Google Workspace Add-ons. To add a divider to an add-on card, use the newDivider() method within the Card service.

May 2021

May 27, 2021

A new method has been added to the Sheet class of the Spreadsheet service. setRowHeightsForced(startRow, numRows, height) lets you manually set the height for a row or a set of rows.

March 2021

March 15, 2021

The following updates have been made to deployments in the new editor:

  • You can now have more than one active deployment.
  • You can now change the version associated with an active deployment.

To learn more, see Create and manage deployments.