This page lists known issues and workarounds for vector maps and WebGL features.

Browser/device support

The WebGL feature preview supports the same browsers and devices as the Maps JavaScript API. To check whether the browser on a particular device will support WebGL, visit or Please also ensure the hardware accelaration is enabled in the browser settings, otherwise vector maps will revert to raster. Learn to programmatically detect WebGL rendering context.

Mobile web support

Mobile web support for vector maps is still experimental. Developers can use client APIs to detect mobile web browsers and use a map ID associated with a raster map instead of a vector map. We anticipate slower rendering performance for some mobile devices. If you choose to use vector maps on mobile web, we would greatly appreciate performance statistics and feedback. As above, if Vector Maps support is not available, a vector map ID will automatically fallback to using a raster map.

Reporting bugs

  • Please update the browser and GPU driver to the latest version before reporting the bug.
  • Ensure that the hardware acceleration setting at chrome://settings/system (Chrome), about:preferences#general (Firefox), edge://settings/system (Microsoft Edge) is enabled. In Safari, this setting is enabled automatically in macOS version 10.15 or newer. For older MacOS version(s), please go to the Safari advanced settings and ensure that the "Use hardware acceleration" option is enabled.
  • Include jsfiddle sample code link in the bug report.
  • Please also take a screenshot of chrome://gpu (Chrome), about:support (Firefox) or edge://gpu (Microsoft Edge), attach GPU related info in bug report if you encounter any rendering issues.

Tell us what you think!

We value your feedback as we strive to make the best vector map experience for you and your end-users. Please let us know if:

  • There are any new JavaScript errors or bugs/crashes that you detect in your web apps.
  • Startup latency for vector maps is significantly worse than that for raster maps. If this is the case, metrics for startup latency regression are very helpful. In general, we want to know if startup latency refresses beyond acceptable thresholds.
  • The vector maps experience is not as smooth as it could be. If you log FPS or jank metrics, how do they compare between vector and raster maps?
  • Performance differs greatly by browser.

If you have set up A/B testing for a comparison of vector maps vs. raster maps, please share any performance feedback you acquire, as this will be very useful to help us refine the feature.