Content on this page might refer to the legacy Actions SDK. Refer to the main Conversational Actions documentation for guides and procedures that use Actions Builder and the current Actions SDK.

Conversational Action built-in intents (Dialogflow)

Built-in intents model some of the common ways that users express tasks they're trying to do or information they seek, such as ordering a meal, booking a ride, or checking an account balance.

You can use these built-in intents to build Conversational Actions, but we are still fine tuning Action discovery and ranking. Note that built-in intents intended for App Actions won't work for Conversational Actions and vice versa.

  • If you are building Conversational Actions, you should create and test implicit invocations in addition to registering for built-in intents. To learn more about using and deploying these intents, see the Built-in intents guide.
  • If you are building App Actions, see the App Actions built-in intent reference instead.