Google UMP SDK

The Google User Messaging Platform SDK is offered as a download for iOS. Your use of the Google Mobile Ads SDK is governed by the Google Developers Site Terms of Service.

Version 2.1.0
SHA1 Checksum c3888c8feb8d7fbe8fbaa42d1b01a42122e31a6c
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Release notes

Version Release Date Notes
2.1.0 2023‑07‑24

This release introduces several new APIs to simplify the consent gathering process. Adopting these new APIs is not required for existing integrations.

  • The minimum deployment target has been increased to iOS 11.0.
  • Updated minimum supported Xcode version to 14.1
    • armv7 is not supported in Xcode 14 and has been removed from the SDK.
  • Calling requestConsentInfoUpdateWithParameters:completionHandler: is now required before interacting with other public APIs. Before calling it, the following are returned:
  • UMPConsentForm
  • UMPConsentInformation
  • Resolved an issue where the form fails to present but the UMPConsentFormPresentCompletionHandler is never invoked.
  • 2.0.1 2022‑09‑12
    • Resolved an issue where forms intended to be single-use could still be reused.
    2.0.0 2021‑03‑15
    • Removed the UMPConsentType API. This API was unsupported.
    • Removed the i386 slice.
    1.4.0 2020‑11‑23
    • Included an arm64 slice for simulators to support testing on Apple Silicon devices.
    • Publishers must build this SDK version with Xcode 12.
    1.3.0 2020‑10‑21 Updated the SDK from a .framework to a .xcframework.
    1.2.0 2020‑09‑16 Updated Xcode version to build the SDK from 10.3->11.0.
    1.1.0 2020‑08‑11
    • Added support for iOS 14.
      • Added support for App Tracking Transparency. Messages requesting IDFA permissions from users can be configured on the Funding Choices UI.
      • Allowed UMPDebugSettings.testDeviceIdentifiers to accept a new identifier when IDFA is unavailable.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause -[UMPConsentForm loadWithCompletionHandler:] to be called back twice if loading a form timed out.
    1.0.0 2020‑07‑06 General Availability release.