As part of the Actions Center's Reservations End-to-End integration, you can opt-in your merchants to receive payment from users when they make a reservation. Reservations with payments using this add-on are priced on our platform and redirected to your booking page when a user is ready to make a reservation.


To add payments to specific reservations, you must have the following prerequisites:

  1. An existing live E2E Integration.
  2. The ability to deep link directly into a booking page that can handle payment processing.

Use Cases for Payments

When deciding whether to take payments for each of these use cases, review our Payments Policies and ensure that you are able to comply with all relevant policies.

There are the use cases for payments:

Pricing your booking slots

Deposits or no-show fees can be specified at the Service level or at the Availability slot level for a merchant. If you specify them at the availability slot level, that overrides the service-level definitions.To enable prepayments, include the Prepayment message in the availability slot level.

The booking page and availability

Once you've set up payment details for your services or availability slots, any slot that required payments will redirect users to your booking page where you can handle the payment details and transaction. The URL used to redirect users is specified as a template in your Services feed and populated with values pertaining to the booking.

Since this is entirely done in your platform, it's important to send an Availability replace RTU and a conversion event notifying Google when a booking is completed.

Payments Redirect Implementation Steps