Geospatial Creator

Geospatial Creator, powered by ARCore and Google Maps Platform, empowers developers and creators alike to visualize, build, and launch robust and engaging 3D digital content in real world locations through Photorealistic 3D Tiles.

Geospatial Creator helps you build world-anchored, cross-platform experiences on supported devices on both Android and iOS. Everything you create in Geospatial Creator can be experienced in the physical world through real time localization and real world augmentation.

Geospatial Creator brings the world into your editor in a way that allows you to make your creations possible. This is done by selecting a location, getting the 3D geometry in an area, and lets you fly through the space as you would on Google Earth. Use this 3D view of the world to preview and develop your augmented reality experience.

Both developers and creators can build and publish immersive experiences in minutes in 49 countries where Photorealistic 3D Tiles are available.

Geospatial Creator is available in Unity through ARCore Extensions and Geospatial Creator and in Adobe Aero.