Performance Max

Google Ads scripts supports mutate and search for Performance Max, which allows for campaign creation and management workflows.

This guide shows how to use mutate to create a Performance Max campaign, but the concepts presented can be used for any campaign type supported by the Google Ads API.

Performance Max lets you access all Google Ads channels and inventory from a single unified campaign. It helps you optimize performance and work more efficiently, in part by reducing the complexity and overhead needed to manage multiple campaign types.

Performance Max campaigns allocate budgets dynamically to the highest-performing channels, including Search, YouTube, Display, Discover, Gmail, and Maps. This helps you get more conversions at the strongest return on investment (ROI) from your budget, and also eliminates the need for you to manage and update budgets across several campaigns.

To create these using Google Ads scripts, you'll heavily rely on mutate, which allows access to the Google Ads API and most of its features directly. Requests are formatted in JSON and use the same format as the API's REST endpoints.

This guide covers the following topics: