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Deprecated List


  • Member ArFrame_transformDisplayUvCoords (const ArSession *session, const ArFrame *frame, int32_t num_elements, const float *uvs_in, float *uvs_out)
  • in release 1.7.0. Please use instead:
    ArFrame_transformCoordinates2d(session, frame,
      AR_COORDINATES_2D_VIEW_NORMALIZED, num_elements, uvs_in,
  • Member ArImage_getNdkImage (const ArImage *image, const AImage **out_ndk_image)
  • in release 1.10.0. Please use the other ArImage_* functions to obtain image data. ARCore can produce a wide variety of images, not all of which can be represented using Android NDK AImage provided by this function. In those cases, this method will return NULL in out_ndk_image.
  • Member ArSession_checkSupported (const ArSession *session, const ArConfig *config)
  • in release 1.2.0. Please refer to the release notes (release notes 1.2.0)
  • Member ArSession_getSupportedCameraConfigs (const ArSession *session, ArCameraConfigList *list)
  • in release 1.11.0. Please use instead:
    void ArSession_getSupportedCameraConfigsWithFilter(const ArSession* session,
    const ArCameraConfigFilter* filter, ArCameraConfigList* list);