GARSessionConfiguration(Geospatial) Category

GARSessionConfiguration(Geospatial) Category Reference


Category adding Geospatial functionality to GARSessionConfiguration.

Property Summary

GARGeospatialMode geospatialMode
 The processing mode for the Geospatial API. More...

Property Detail

- (GARGeospatialMode) geospatialMode

The processing mode for the Geospatial API.

The default mode is GARGeospatialModeDisabled. If the mode is changed, existing Geospatial anchors will stop tracking.

Remember to set a credential for authentication with Google Cloud before configuring, or you may receive auth errors. See sessionWithAPIKey:bundleIdentifier:error: (GARSession) and setAuthToken: (GARSession), as well as documentation on the ARCore developers page.

Configuring may result in the following error codes:

  • GARSessionErrorCodeLocationPermissionNotGranted - Geospatial mode requires location permission (at least when-in-use) with full accuracy.
  • GARSessionErrorCodeConfigurationNotSupported - Geospatial mode not supported on this device or OS version. Use isGeospatialModeSupported: (GARSession(Geospatial)) to determine this before attempting to configure the session.