Deprecation Schedule

See our versioning guide to learn how versioning works.

With the release of a new version, a deprecated version may be given a sunset date, after which that version will no longer be available. Our client libraries support all available versions of all services. You can gradually migrate by specifying different versions for different services.

The table below lists the specific deprecation and sunset dates for each available version, with links to the relevant announcement blog posts. We encourage you to migrate to the newest version as soon as feasible after its release.

API version Release date Deprecation date Sunset date Migration guide
v6 November 5, 2020
v5 August 26, 2020 November 5, 2020 June 23, 2021 Migrating from v5 to v6
v4 July 8, 2020 August 26, 2020 May 12, 2021 Migrating from v4 to v5