The AdWords API is no longer available. Use the Google Ads API instead.

enum AdGroupCriterionError.Reason (v201809)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
AD_GROUP_CRITERION_LABEL_DOES_NOT_EXIST No link found between the AdGroupCriterion and the label.
AD_GROUP_CRITERION_LABEL_ALREADY_EXISTS The label has already been attached to the AdGroupCriterion.
CANNOT_ADD_LABEL_TO_NEGATIVE_CRITERION Negative AdGroupCriterion cannot have labels.
TOO_MANY_OPERATIONS Too many operations for a single call.
CANT_UPDATE_NEGATIVE Negative ad group criteria are not updateable.
CONCRETE_TYPE_REQUIRED Concrete type of criterion (keyword v.s. placement) is required for ADD and SET operations.
BID_INCOMPATIBLE_WITH_ADGROUP Bid is incompatible with ad group's bidding settings.
CANNOT_TARGET_AND_EXCLUDE Cannot target and exclude the same criterion at once.
ILLEGAL_URL The URL of a placement is invalid.
INVALID_KEYWORD_TEXT Keyword text was invalid.
INVALID_DESTINATION_URL Destination URL was invalid.
MISSING_DESTINATION_URL_TAG The destination url must contain at least one tag (e.g. {lpurl})
KEYWORD_LEVEL_BID_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_MANUALCPM Keyword-level cpm bid is not supported
INVALID_USER_STATUS For example, cannot add a biddable ad group criterion that had been removed.
CANNOT_ADD_CRITERIA_TYPE Criteria type cannot be targeted for the ad group. Either the account is restricted to keywords only, the criteria type is incompatible with the campaign's bidding strategy, or the criteria type can only be applied to campaigns.
CANNOT_EXCLUDE_CRITERIA_TYPE Criteria type cannot be excluded for the ad group. Refer to the documentation for a specific criterion to check if it is excludable.
INVALID_PRODUCT_PARTITION_HIERARCHY Ad group is invalid due to the product partitions it contains.
PRODUCT_PARTITION_UNIT_CANNOT_HAVE_CHILDREN Product partition unit cannot have children.
PRODUCT_PARTITION_SUBDIVISION_REQUIRES_OTHERS_CASE Subdivided product partitions must have an "others" case.
PRODUCT_PARTITION_REQUIRES_SAME_DIMENSION_TYPE_AS_SIBLINGS Dimension type of product partition must be the same as that of its siblings.
PRODUCT_PARTITION_ALREADY_EXISTS Product partition cannot be added to the ad group because it already exists.
PRODUCT_PARTITION_DOES_NOT_EXIST Product partition referenced in the operation was not found in the ad group.
PRODUCT_PARTITION_CANNOT_BE_REMOVED Recursive removal failed because product partition subdivision is being created or modified in this request.
INVALID_PRODUCT_PARTITION_TYPE Product partition type is not allowed for specified AdGroupCriterion type.
PRODUCT_PARTITION_ADD_MAY_ONLY_USE_TEMP_ID Product partition in an ADD operation specifies a non temporary CriterionId.
CAMPAIGN_TYPE_NOT_COMPATIBLE_WITH_PARTIAL_FAILURE Partial failure is not supported for shopping campaign mutate operations.
OPERATIONS_FOR_TOO_MANY_SHOPPING_ADGROUPS Operations in the mutate request changes too many shopping ad groups. Please split requests for multiple shopping ad groups across multiple requests.
CANNOT_MODIFY_URL_FIELDS_WITH_DUPLICATE_ELEMENTS Not allowed to modify url fields of an ad group criterion if there are duplicate elements for that ad group criterion in the request.
CANNOT_SET_WITHOUT_FINAL_URLS Cannot set url fields without also setting final urls.
CANNOT_CLEAR_FINAL_URLS_IF_FINAL_MOBILE_URLS_EXIST Cannot clear final urls if final mobile urls exist.
CANNOT_CLEAR_FINAL_URLS_IF_FINAL_APP_URLS_EXIST Cannot clear final urls if final app urls exist.
CANNOT_CLEAR_FINAL_URLS_IF_TRACKING_URL_TEMPLATE_EXISTS Cannot clear final urls if tracking url template exists.
CANNOT_CLEAR_FINAL_URLS_IF_URL_CUSTOM_PARAMETERS_EXIST Cannot clear final urls if url custom parameters exist.
CANNOT_SET_BOTH_DESTINATION_URL_AND_FINAL_URLS Cannot set both destination url and final urls.
CANNOT_SET_BOTH_DESTINATION_URL_AND_TRACKING_URL_TEMPLATE Cannot set both destination url and tracking url template.
FINAL_URLS_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_CRITERION_TYPE Final urls are not supported for this criterion type.
FINAL_MOBILE_URLS_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_CRITERION_TYPE Final mobile urls are not supported for this criterion type.