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enum CustomerOrderLineError.Reason (v201809)

Enums for all the reasons an error can be thrown to the user during a CustomerOrderLine mutate operation.

Enumeration Description
INVALID_ORDER_LINE_ID Order Line Id does not exist.
END_DATE_BEFORE_START_DATE End date must be later than start date
CREATE_IN_PAST Cannot create order line with start date in the past
ALREADY_STARTED Cannot change start date after the order line has started
ALREADY_SPENT Cannot set spending limit below what has already been spent
FINISHED_IN_THE_PAST Cannot move end date into the past
OVERLAP_DATE_RANGE Cannot make overlapping order lines.
END_DATE_PAST_MAX Cannot set contract start date to be after actual start date
PARENT_IS_SELF only cancelled order lines may have themselves as parent
CANNOT_CANCEL_STARTED Cannot cancel started order line
ORDERLINE_BEING_MODIFIED_IS_NOT_NORMAL_OR_PENDING Only Order lines in normal or pending state can be modified.
MORE_THAN_ONE_OPERATION_NOT_PERMITTED More than one operation not permitted per call.
INVALID_TIMEZONE_IN_DATE_RANGES StartDate and EndDate should pass in the customer's account timeZone.