enum CriterionError.Reason (v201809)

Enumeration Description
CONCRETE_TYPE_REQUIRED Concrete type of criterion is required for ADD and SET operations.
INVALID_EXCLUDED_CATEGORY The category requested for exclusion is invalid.
INVALID_KEYWORD_TEXT Invalid keyword criteria text.
KEYWORD_TEXT_TOO_LONG Keyword text should be less than 80 chars.
KEYWORD_HAS_TOO_MANY_WORDS Keyword text has too many words.
KEYWORD_HAS_INVALID_CHARS Keyword text has invalid characters or symbols.
INVALID_USER_LIST Invalid user list criterion.
INVALID_USER_INTEREST Invalid user interest criterion.
INVALID_FORMAT_FOR_PLACEMENT_URL Placement URL has wrong format.
PLACEMENT_URL_IS_TOO_LONG Placement URL is too long.
PLACEMENT_URL_HAS_ILLEGAL_CHAR Indicates the URL contains an illegal character.
PLACEMENT_URL_HAS_MULTIPLE_SITES_IN_LINE Indicates the URL contains multiple comma separated URLs.
INVALID_VERTICAL_PATH Invalid vertical path.
INVALID_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_ID The YouTube Channel Id is invalid.
INVALID_YOUTUBE_VIDEO_ID The YouTube Video Id is invalid.
YOUTUBE_VERTICAL_CHANNEL_DEPRECATED Indicates the placement is a YouTube vertical channel, which is no longer supported.
YOUTUBE_DEMOGRAPHIC_CHANNEL_DEPRECATED Indicates the placement is a YouTube demographic channel, which is no longer supported.
YOUTUBE_URL_UNSUPPORTED YouTube urls are not supported in Placement criterion. Use YouTubeChannel and YouTubeVideo criterion instead.
CANNOT_EXCLUDE_CRITERIA_TYPE Criteria type can not be excluded by the customer, like AOL account type cannot target site type criteria.
CANNOT_ADD_CRITERIA_TYPE Criteria type can not be targeted.
INVALID_PRODUCT_FILTER Product filter in the product criteria has invalid characters. Operand and the argument in the filter can not have "==" or "&+".
PRODUCT_FILTER_TOO_LONG Product filter in the product criteria is translated to a string as operand1==argument1&+operand2==argument2, maximum allowed length for the string is 255 chars.
CANNOT_EXCLUDE_SIMILAR_USER_LIST Not allowed to exclude similar user list.
CANNOT_ADD_CLOSED_USER_LIST Not allowed to target a closed user list.
CANNOT_ADD_DISPLAY_ONLY_LISTS_TO_SEARCH_ONLY_CAMPAIGNS Not allowed to add display only UserLists to search only campaigns.
CANNOT_ADD_DISPLAY_ONLY_LISTS_TO_SEARCH_CAMPAIGNS Not allowed to add display only UserLists to search plus campaigns.
CANNOT_ADD_DISPLAY_ONLY_LISTS_TO_SHOPPING_CAMPAIGNS Not allowed to add display only UserLists to shopping campaigns.
CANNOT_ADD_USER_INTERESTS_TO_SEARCH_CAMPAIGNS Not allowed to add User interests to search only campaigns.
CANNOT_SET_BIDS_ON_CRITERION_TYPE_IN_SEARCH_CAMPAIGNS Not allowed to set bids for this criterion type in search campaigns
CANNOT_ADD_URLS_TO_CRITERION_TYPE_FOR_CAMPAIGN_TYPE Final URLs, URL Templates and CustomParameters cannot be set for the criterion types of Gender, AgeRange, UserList, Placement, MobileApp, and MobileAppCategory in search campaigns and shopping campaigns.
CANNOT_ADD_POSITIVE_PLACEMENTS_TO_SEARCH_CAMPAIGNS Positive (targeted) criteria in the Placement targeting dimension (aka CriterionTypeGroup) are not allowed in Search campaigns. They can only be excluded. The Placement targeting dimension includes Placements, MobileApps, MobileAppCategories, YouTubeChannels, YouTubeVideos, etc.
INVALID_IP_ADDRESS IP address is not valid.
INVALID_IP_FORMAT IP format is not valid.
INVALID_MOBILE_APP Mobile application is not valid.
INVALID_MOBILE_APP_CATEGORY Mobile application category is not valid.
INVALID_CRITERION_ID The CriterionId does not exist or is of the incorrect type.
CANNOT_TARGET_CRITERION The Criterion is not allowed to be targeted.
CANNOT_TARGET_OBSOLETE_CRITERION The criterion is not allowed to be targeted as it is deprecated.
CRITERION_ID_AND_TYPE_MISMATCH The CriterionId is not valid for the type.
INVALID_PROXIMITY_RADIUS Distance for the radius for the proximity criterion is invalid.
INVALID_PROXIMITY_RADIUS_UNITS Units for the distance for the radius for the proximity criterion is invalid.
INVALID_STREETADDRESS_LENGTH Street address is too short.
INVALID_CITYNAME_LENGTH City name in the address is too short.
INVALID_REGIONCODE_LENGTH Region code in the address is too short.
INVALID_REGIONNAME_LENGTH Region name in the address is not valid.
INVALID_POSTALCODE_LENGTH Postal code in the address is not valid.
INVALID_COUNTRY_CODE Country code in the address is not valid.
INVALID_LATITUDE Latitude for the GeoPoint is not valid.
INVALID_LONGITUDE Longitude for the GeoPoint is not valid.
PROXIMITY_GEOPOINT_AND_ADDRESS_BOTH_CANNOT_BE_NULL The Proximity input is not valid. Both address and geoPoint cannot be null.
INVALID_PROXIMITY_ADDRESS The Proximity address cannot be geocoded to a valid lat/long.
INVALID_USER_DOMAIN_NAME User domain name is not valid.
INVALID_WEBPAGE_CONDITION The combination of operand and operator in webpage condition is invalid.
INVALID_WEBPAGE_CONDITION_URL The URL of webpage condition is invalid.
WEBPAGE_CONDITION_URL_CANNOT_BE_EMPTY The URL of webpage condition cannot be empty or contain white space.
WEBPAGE_CONDITION_URL_UNSUPPORTED_PROTOCOL The URL of webpage condition contains unsupported protocol.
WEBPAGE_CONDITION_URL_CANNOT_BE_IP_ADDRESS The URL of webpage condition cannot be an IP address.
WEBPAGE_CONDITION_URL_DOMAIN_NOT_CONSISTENT_WITH_CAMPAIGN_SETTING The domain of the URL is not consistent with the domain in campaign setting.
WEBPAGE_CONDITION_URL_CANNOT_BE_PUBLIC_SUFFIX The URL of webpage condition cannot be a public suffix itself.
WEBPAGE_CONDITION_URL_INVALID_PUBLIC_SUFFIX The URL of webpage condition has an invalid public suffix.
WEBPAGE_CONDITION_URL_VALUE_TRACK_VALUE_NOT_SUPPORTED Value track parameter is not supported in webpage condition URL.
WEBPAGE_CRITERION_URL_EQUALS_CAN_HAVE_ONLY_ONE_CONDITION Only one URL-EQUALS webpage condition is allowed in a webpage criterion and it cannot be combined with other conditions.
CRITERION_PARAMETER_TOO_LONG Length of serialized criterion parameter exceeded size limit.
AD_SCHEDULE_TIME_INTERVALS_OVERLAP Time interval in the AdSchedule overlaps with another AdSchedule.
AD_SCHEDULE_INTERVAL_CANNOT_SPAN_MULTIPLE_DAYS AdSchedule time interval cannot span multiple days.
AD_SCHEDULE_INVALID_TIME_INTERVAL AdSchedule time interval specified is invalid, endTime cannot be earlier than startTime.
AD_SCHEDULE_EXCEEDED_INTERVALS_PER_DAY_LIMIT The number of AdSchedule entries in a day exceeds the limit.
AD_SCHEDULE_CRITERION_ID_MISMATCHING_FIELDS CriteriaId does not match the interval of the AdSchedule specified.
CANNOT_BID_MODIFY_CRITERION_TYPE Cannot set bid modifier for this criterion type.
CANNOT_BID_MODIFY_CRITERION_CAMPAIGN_OPTED_OUT Cannot bid modify criterion, since it is opted out of the campaign.
CANNOT_BID_MODIFY_NEGATIVE_CRITERION Cannot set bid modifier for a negative criterion.
BID_MODIFIER_ALREADY_EXISTS Bid Modifier already exists. Use SET operation to update.
FEED_ID_NOT_ALLOWED Feed Id is not allowed in these Location Groups.
ACCOUNT_INELIGIBLE_FOR_CRITERIA_TYPE The account may not use the requested criteria type. For example, some accounts are restricted to keywords only.
CRITERIA_TYPE_INVALID_FOR_BIDDING_STRATEGY The requested criteria type cannot be used with campaign or ad group bidding strategy.
CANNOT_EXCLUDE_CRITERION The Criterion is not allowed to be excluded.
CANNOT_REMOVE_CRITERION The criterion is not allowed to be removed. For example, we cannot remove any of the platform criterion.
PRODUCT_SCOPE_TOO_LONG The combined length of product dimension values of the product scope criterion is too long.
PRODUCT_SCOPE_TOO_MANY_DIMENSIONS Product scope contains too many dimensions.
PRODUCT_PARTITION_TOO_LONG The combined length of product dimension values of the product partition criterion is too long.
PRODUCT_PARTITION_TOO_MANY_DIMENSIONS Product partition contains too many dimensions.
INVALID_PRODUCT_DIMENSION The product dimension is invalid (e.g. dimension contains illegal value, dimension type is represented with wrong class, etc). Product dimension value can not contain "==" or "&+".
INVALID_PRODUCT_DIMENSION_TYPE Product dimension type is either invalid for campaigns of this type or cannot be used in the current context. BIDDING_CATEGORY_Lx and PRODUCT_TYPE_Lx product dimensions must be used in ascending order of their levels: L1, L2, L3, L4, L5... The levels must be specified sequentially and start from L1. Furthermore, an "others" product partition cannot be subdivided with a dimension of the same type but of a higher level ("others" BIDDING_CATEGORY_L3 can be subdivided with BRAND but not with BIDDING_CATEGORY_L4).
INVALID_PRODUCT_BIDDING_CATEGORY Bidding categories do not form a valid path in the Shopping bidding category taxonomy.
MISSING_SHOPPING_SETTING ShoppingSetting must be added to the campaign before ProductScope criteria can be added.
INVALID_MATCHING_FUNCTION Matching function is invalid.
LOCATION_FILTER_NOT_ALLOWED Filter parameters not allowed for location groups targeting.
LOCATION_FILTER_INVALID Given location filter parameter is invalid for location groups targeting.
CANNOT_ATTACH_CRITERIA_AT_CAMPAIGN_AND_ADGROUP Criteria type cannot be associated with a campaign and its ad group(s) simultaneously.
ADSENSE_FOR_MOBILE_APPS_PLACEMENT_DEPRECATED adsenseformobileapps.com placement is no longer supported.