Class QuizFeedback


The bean implementation of a Feedback, which contains properties common to all feedback, such as display text or links.

Feedback can be added to gradeable Form items.

// Setting feedback which should be automatically shown when a user responds to a question
// incorrectly.
var textItem = form.addTextItem().setTitle('Re-hydrating dried fruit is an example of what?');
var feedback = FormApp.createFeedback()
      “Good answer, but not quite right.  Please review chapter 4 before next time.”)


MethodReturn typeBrief description
getLinkUrls()String[]Gets a list of the URLs associated with the Feedback.
getText()StringGets the Feedback's display text.

Detailed documentation


Gets a list of the URLs associated with the Feedback. These are displayed to the user as a list of helpful links.


String[] — a list of the URLs associated with the Feedback


Gets the Feedback's display text. This text is shown to the user after they've submitted a response.


String — the Feedback's text