Google VR SDK for Unity

Unity API Reference documentation for the Google VR SDK.


GvrBetaControllerInput Daydream controller beta API.
GvrBetaControllerVisualMulti A beta library for multiple 6DoF controller visuals.
GvrBetaHeadset Daydream headset beta API.
GvrBetaSettings Daydream beta settings API.
GvrControllerInputDeviceExtension Class extension for GvrControllerInputDevice to add beta tracking status getter.
GvrActivityHelper Simple static class to abstract out several JNI calls that need to be shared between different classes.
GvrAllEventsTrigger Exposes events from GvrEventExecutor that are fired by GvrPointerInputModule_to the editor.
TriggerEvent Exposes fired PointerEventData events.
GvrArmModel Standard implementation for a mathematical model to make the virtual controller approximate the physical location of the Daydream controller.
GvrBaseArmModel Interface for a mathematical Arm model for 3DoF controllers.
GvrBasePointer An abstract class for handling pointer based input.
GvrBasePointerRaycaster This script provides shared functionality used by all Gvr raycasters.
GvrCardboardHelpers General Cardboard helper methods.
GvrControllerInput Main entry point for the Daydream controller API.
GvrControllerInputDevice Device instance of the Daydream controller API.
GvrControllerReticleVisual Visualizes a reticle using a Quad.
GvrControllerTooltipsSimple A lightweight tooltip designed to minimize draw calls.
GvrControllerVisual Provides visual feedback for the daydream controller.
GvrDaydreamApi Main entry point Daydream specific APIs.
GvrDropdown Dropdown UI component that works with the GvrRaycasters.
GvrEditorEmulator Provides mouse-controlled head tracking emulation in the Unity editor.
GvrEventExecutor Wraps UnityEngine.EventSystems.ExecuteEvents.
GvrExecuteEventsExtension This script extends the standard Unity EventSystem events with GVR-specific events.
GvrHeadset Main entry point for Standalone headset APIs.
GvrIntent Provides information about the Android Intent that started the current Activity.
GvrKeyboard Handles keyboard state management such as hiding and displaying the keyboard, directly modifying text and stereoscopic rendering.
GvrKeyboardDelegateBase An abstract interface for GvrKeyboard methods.
GvrKeyboardIntent A class for launching and managing GVR keyboard intents.
GvrLaserPointer Implementation of GvrBasePointer for a laser pointer visual.
GvrLaserVisual Visualizes a laser and a reticle using a LineRenderer and a Quad.
GvrMathHelpers Helper functions to perform common math operations for Gvr.
GvrPointerEventData This script extends the Unity PointerEventData struct with GoogleVR-specific data.
GvrPointerEventDataExtension This class extends the Unity PointerEventData struct with GoogleVR data accessors.
GvrPointerGraphicRaycaster This script provides a raycaster for use with the GvrPointerInputModule.
GvrPointerInputModule This script provides an implemention of Unity's BaseInputModule class.
GvrPointerInputModuleImpl Implementation of GvrPointerInputModule.
GvrPointerPhysicsRaycaster This script provides a raycaster for use with the GvrPointerInputModule.
GvrPointerScrollInput This class is used by GvrPointerInputModule to route scroll events through Unity's event system.
GvrRecenterOnlyController Used to recenter only the controllers, required for scenes that have no clear forward direction.
GvrReticlePointer Draws a circular reticle in front of any object that the user points at.
GvrScrollSettings Used to override the global scroll settings in GvrPointerScrollInput for the GameObject that this script is attached to.
GvrSettings Accesses and configures Daydream settings.
GvrTooltip A tooltip for displaying control schemes overlaying the controller visual using a Unity Canvas.
GvrTrackedController Represents an object tracked by controller input.
GvrUIHelpers Helper class for dealing with canvas UI.
GvrUnitySdkVersion Provides and logs versioning information for the GVR SDK for Unity.
GvrVRHelpers Helper functions common to GVR VR applications.
GvrVideoPlayerTexture Plays video using Exoplayer rendering it on the main texture.
GvrXREventsSubscriber Handler for subscribing XR Unity actions to GVR Actions.
InstantPreviewHelper Helper methods for Instant preview.
MutablePose3D Mutable version of Pose3D.
Pose3D Encapsulates a rotation and a translation.


IGvrArmModelReceiver Interface declaring the use of the arm model.
IGvrControllerInputDeviceReceiver Interface declaring the need for the controller input device.
IGvrEventExecutor Provides an interface for executing events for IEventSystemHandler.
IGvrInputModuleController Interface for manipulating an input module used by GvrPointerInputModuleImpl.
IGvrPointerHoverHandler Interface to implement if you wish to receive OnGvrPointerHover callbacks.
IGvrScrollSettings Interface to implement to override the global scroll settings in GvrPointerScrollInput for an object.


PointerRay Represents a ray segment for a series of intersecting rays.
FaceCameraData Camera facing positioning data.
ControllerDisplayState The controller display state data structure.
VisualAssets Struct that describes a mesh, material pair used for rendering a controller visual.