Signup Example Answers

When applying for the AdWords API, you need to provide the answers to four questions. Read on for some examples of the type of information the Token Review team is looking for, as well as some use cases that will not be approved.


  1. Describe the uses of your API application or tool. Please be specific. For example, will your tool be used for account management, bid optimization, or something else?
  2. Who is or will be using your API application or tool? For example, colleagues in your company or advertisers or agencies to whom you are selling the tool.
  3. Please attach screenshots of your API application or tool. If the application or tool is yet to be developed, please provide relevant design documentation. (We suggest creating a Google Doc and sharing it via the "Anyone who has the link can view" sharing permissions.)
  4. Please provide a list of clients who will be using your API application or tool in an automated way.

Example responses

The following are hypothetical use cases along with corresponding answers to the above questions. Real-world applications may handle some, all or none of the following.
  1. Internal Keyword/Ad management
    1. We have a script that runs nightly to update our ads and keywords along with bid information based on the previous day's performance.
    2. This tool is only used by our employees to manage advertising for our own products/services.
    3. Screenshots can be viewed here: [URL where hosted screenshots exist].
    4. Only myself, CID 123-456-7890.
  2. Internal webapp
    1. Our internal web application uses the AdWords API to provide a quick dashboard for evaluating ad performance of our clients accounts. We can also alter bids via the UI.
    2. This tool is only used by our own employees when consulting with our advertising clients to manage their advertising campaigns.
    3. Screenshots are attached.
    4. Only our internal employees will use the tool - the advertiser accounts being managed will not have access.
  3. Reporting and campaign management
    1. Our web application allows clients to manage their own advertising accounts. We suggest optimizations based on previous performance.
    2. Advertisers will log into our application to manage their campaigns.
    3. You can log into a demo account located at
    4. We currently have 600+ advertisers managing their accounts through our tool.
  4. Reporting tool
    1. Our web application allows users to run a series of reports to get a high-level look at their campaign performance. Users cannot manage their accounts with this tool.
    2. This tool is used by advertisers who log into our application.
    3. Screenshots are attached.
    4. Our 200 advertiser clients will use this tool to run their reports.

Reasons your token may be rejected.

The Token Review team is responsible for ensuring that your application is in compliance with AdWords API Terms and Conditions as well as the Required Minimum Functionality (where applicable). The following example responses will result in your application being rejected.

Insufficient responses

  • "Use api."
  • "Run reports."

Both of these answers are too brief - please provide as much detail as possible.

Invalid reasons to request a token

  • A tool I use requires an API token.
  • I want to try out AdWords API. / I want to investigate if AdWords API is suitable for us.