Local Services campaigns

Local Services campaigns let you advertise your business on Google and receive leads directly from potential customers. Google Ads API adds limited support for Google Local Services campaigns in version v10. This guide summarizes the supported operations and restrictions in the current version of the Google Ads API.

Supported operations

Retrieve Local Services campaigns and budgets

Local Services campaigns and budgets can be retrieved using GoogleAdsService.SearchStream or GoogleAdsService.SearchStream methods, by querying for campaign resources where advertising_channel_type = 'LOCAL_SERVICES'. An example query is given below.

FROM campaign
WHERE campaign.advertising_channel_type = 'LOCAL_SERVICES'

Edit Local Services campaigns

You can update the campaign's status and the associated campaign budget's amount_micros fields. No other fields are supported for update operations.

Unsupported operations

Unsupported operations
Create and remove campaigns Google Ads API blocks creation of new Local Services campaigns.
Operations on sub-entities in a campaign Google Ads API disallows creation, modification, removal and retrieval of ad groups, ads and criteria in Local Services campaigns. An exception is that Google Ads API allows creating new geographic targets in an existing campaign. However, this operation currently doesn't have any effect on campaign serving.
Operations on bidding strategy There is currently no support for reading and mutating the bidding strategy for Local Services campaigns. This will be supported in a future version of the API.