Bidding Strategy Types

A bidding strategy can be used as a standard strategy in a single campaign level or as a portfolio strategy across multiple campaigns.

In the Google Ads API, all bidding strategies are managed using one or both of the following:

Any bidding strategy is defined by a single bidding scheme that matches its type and contains the relevant bids.

In the table below, the Valid Contexts column indicates whether a given BiddingStrategyType and its matching bidding scheme can be used in the context of standard or portfolio strategies.

BiddingStrategyType Bidding scheme Valid Contexts Descriptive name
COMMISSION Commission Standard Commission

Works only with Hotel campaigns

ENHANCED_CPC EnhancedCpc Portfolio Focus on clicks - use maximum CPC bids

enhancedCpcEnabled is defaulted to true.

ManualCpc Standard Focus on clicks - use maximum CPC bids
MANUAL_CPM ManualCpm Standard CPM (Cost-per-thousand impressions).

Works only with Display Network Only campaigns.

Using this bidding scheme with Search campaigns will result in OperationAccessDeniedError.OPERATION_NOT_PERMITTED_FOR_CAMPAIGN_TYPE

MANUAL_CPV ManualCpv Standard Manual cost per view (CPV)
MAXIMIZE_CONVERSIONS MaximizeConversions Standard Maximize conversions

Works only with Search campaigns

MAXIMIZE_CONVERSION_VALUE MaximizeConversionValue Standard Maximize conversion value

No longer available since version 3. Use TARGET_IMPRESSION_SHARE instead.

PageOnePromoted Portfolio Target search page location
PERCENT_CPC PercentCpc Standard Percent cost per click (CPC)
TARGET_CPA TargetCpa Portfolio
Target cost per acquisition (CPA) - must meet eligibility requirements
TARGET_CPM TargetCpm Standard Target cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM)
TARGET_IMPRESSION_SHARE TargetImpressionShare Portfolio
Target impression share

No longer available since version 3. Use TARGET_IMPRESSION_SHARE instead.

TargetOutrankShare Portfolio Target outranking share
TARGET_ROAS TargetRoas Portfolio
Target return on ad spend - must meet eligibility requirements
TARGET_SPEND TargetSpend Portfolio
Maximize clicks

Errors result if you try to use a bidding scheme in the wrong context: