Google Ads API is returning to beta status. Please read our blog post for more details.

Configure a Google API Console Project for the Google Ads API

Credentials for accessing Google's OAuth2 servers are required in order to authenticate and authorize Google Ads users. These credentials identify your application to Google, and allow you to generate OAuth tokens for managing Google Ads users. Access to Google OAuth2 credentials is managed from the Google API Console.

Create a project

Go to the Google API Console. Click Create project, enter a name, and click Create.

Enable the Google Ads API in your project

To enable the Google Ads API for your project, do the following:

  1. Open the API Library in the Google API Console. If prompted, select your project or create a new one. The API Library lists all available APIs, grouped by product family and popularity.

  2. Use search to find the Google Ads API if it isn't visible in the list.

  3. Select the Google Ads API, then click the Enable button.

Choose an application type

There are two app type options for the Google Ads API:

  • Installed application (recommended)
  • Web application

Check the table below to determine which type is most appropriate for the app you want to build:

Choose this app type If ...
Installed app (recommended)
  • You are managing all of your Google Ads accounts using a single top level manager account.
  • You're a first-time user, or want to get started quickly with the simplest setup.
  • Your app will manage the same set of Google Ads accounts, with multiple users.
Web app
  • You want to authenticate as a user who can grant permission to your app to access their Google Ads account data.
  • You want to easily generate multiple authorization credentials, to manage third-party accounts for example.
  • Your app requires callback URLs. Callback URLs are not supported in the installed app flow.

For more details, refer to the Google Identity Platform OAuth documentation for installed apps or web apps.

Create a client ID and client secret

Once you've determined your app type, follow the instructions below to generate the OAuth2 client ID and client secret:

  1. Open the Credentials page, select the project name you created above, or choose Create a new project and enter a name for the project.

  2. Select Create credentials, then select OAuth client ID.

  3. If you're prompted to set a product name on the Consent screen, click Configure consent screen, supply the requested information, and click Save to return to the Credentials screen.

  4. Select the application type you would like to use, either Web application or Other (Installed Application).

  5. Click Create.

  6. On the Credentials page, copy the client ID and client secret to your clipboard, as you will need them when you configure your client library. You can also return to the credentials page later to retrieve these details.