enum CriterionTypeGroup (v201809)

The list of groupings of criteria types.

Enumeration Description
KEYWORD Criteria for targeting keywords. e.g. 'mars cruise' KEYWORD may be used as a content bid dimension. Keywords are always a targeting dimension, so may not be set as a target "ALL" dimension with TargetRestriction.
USER_INTEREST_AND_LIST Criteria for targeting lists of users. Lists may represent users with particular interests, or they may represent users who have interacted with an advertiser's site in particular ways.
VERTICAL Criteria for targeting similar categories of placements, e.g. 'category::Animals>Pets' Used only for content network targeting.
GENDER Criteria for targeting gender.
AGE_RANGE Criteria for targeting age ranges.
PLACEMENT Criteria for targeting placements. aka Website. e.g. 'www.flowers4sale.com' This group also includes mobile applications and mobile app categories.
PARENT Criteria for parental status targeting.
INCOME_RANGE Criteria for income range targeting.
NONE Special criteria type group used to reset the existing value of AdGroup's contentBidCriterionTypeGroup.