Earth Engine access

To use Earth Engine, you need access either via a Google Cloud project that's registered to use Earth Engine or via an individually signed-up account.

Choosing a mechanism

While either mechanism enables you to access Earth Engine, using Cloud projects is preferable to individual access for several reasons, including the ability to:

In some cases, your organization's IT policy may prevent you from creating Google Cloud projects. In that case, we recommend reaching out to your admins to grant you the correct permissions (or to create a project for you).

Getting access

A role in a Cloud project

If you have access to an existing project, either one you own or someone else's in which you have the correct set of permissions, ensure that it:

The registration process is how you choose the type (free non-commercial usage, paid operational usage, etc.) and level of access.

Individual signup

If you have strictly noncommercial use, you can also sign up using the legacy sign-up page. This grants access to the account you use to register and up to five robot accounts, but nothing further.

Configuring access

Code Editor

A role in a Cloud project

The primary tool for selecting a project in the Code Editor is account widget in the top right corner of the page. If you have individual access, it may be blank. Selecting a project is as simple as clicking on the gray icon and choosing a Cloud project.

Individual signup

Log in with your account and access the Code Editor. If you encounter errors, please refresh the page. If errors persist, you may need to log out of other Google accounts in the browser.

Client libraries (Python, JavaScript)

A role in a Cloud project

Specify a project via the project parameter on ee.Initialize().

Individual signup

Use your credentials with ee.Initialize().

Service accounts

A role in a Cloud project

Service accounts automatically have access once their parent project is registered and has the Earth Engine API enabled. They also need the correct permissions within the project. Any number of service accounts on a project can be configured to use Earth Engine.

Individual signup

Users with individual access (i.e., without registered Cloud projects) must manually register each service account to use Earth Engine using the Service Account registration page. There's a limit of five registered service accounts per user, and, once registered, a service account permanently occupies a slot. It's not possible to revoke Earth Engine access for a service account registered through the non-Cloud flow.

Terminating commercial access

If you are a direct customer of Earth Engine and want to stop using Earth Engine in a paid context, there are several changes needed to stop incurring charges:

  • Stopping subscription charges

    • To terminate the Earth Engine subscription on your billing account, you need to use the "Manage Plans" page (accessible from the user settings drop-down menu in the top right of the Code Editor when using a registered Cloud project linked to that billing account).
    • You can also access the "Manage Plans" page directly for a billing account:

    • Choosing the "Limited" plan stops your billing account from incurring any further Earth Engine platform subscription fees after your current billing cycle.

  • Stopping compute charges

    • To prevent new charges related to compute (EECU-time), disable the Earth Engine API on your Cloud project(s). Note that this doesn't terminate in-progress requests or delete stored objects, so you may still incur Earth Engine charges even with the API disabled.
    • See the API Console Help for information about disabling APIs.
  • Stopping storage charges

    • Stored Earth Engine assets continue to drive costs even if the API is disabled. Deleting your assets stops you from incurring further EE storage fees.

Working with other humans

A role in a Cloud project

Cloud projects use Cloud IAM to manage roles and permissions. In order for other humans to access Earth Engine via your project, you'll need to use the Cloud Console. to grant them the correct roles and permissions.

Individual signup

Individual signup only grants access to an individual human account, so, if you want to work with other human users, they'll need to have their own access to Earth Engine (by signing up as individuals, or, preferably, via a Cloud project).

Common scenarios

I already have individual access, but I want to use a project...

Great! Registering a project doesn't affect your individual signup access, and using projects are the recommended mechanism for sending requests to Earth Engine.

I'm teaching an educational class...

Great! If you register a noncommercial project, no billing configuration is required. Then, you can add your students to the project.

I'm part of an operational team/commercial organization...

Great! You're able to register a project for commercial use, and add your collaborators to it. Please also pay attention to the seat limit in the Earth Engine subscription that you select.