Action Represents an action taken by the user within the app. 
Indexable Represents an indexable unit. 
Indexable.Metadata Represents the metadata for an Indexable


Action.Builder The builder for Action
Indexable.Builder The builder for Indexable
Indexable.Metadata.Builder The builder for Indexable.Metadata
ThingPropertyKeys This class contains Bundle keys for setting Indexable properties. 


AppIndexException Class of exceptions thrown by the App Index API. 
AppIndexInvalidArgumentException The exception that is thrown if an invalid argument is provided to one of the App Index API methods. 
AppIndexTooManyArgumentsException The exception that is thrown if the number of arguments passed to an App Index API method in a single call exceeds the allowed maximum of Indexable.MAX_INDEXABLES_TO_BE_UPDATED_IN_ONE_CALL