Provides facilities to retrieve or save credentials that can be used to sign the user into your application or sign up a new user.


CredentialSavingClient A client for the Credential Saving API. 
SignInClient A client for the sign-in API. 


BeginSignInRequest Configurations that can be used to filter acceptable types of credentials returned from a sign-in attempt. 
BeginSignInRequest.Builder Builder for BeginSignInRequest
BeginSignInRequest.GoogleIdTokenRequestOptions Options for requesting Google ID token-backed credentials during sign-in. 
BeginSignInRequest.GoogleIdTokenRequestOptions.Builder Builder for BeginSignInRequest.GoogleIdTokenRequestOptions
BeginSignInRequest.PasswordRequestOptions Options for requesting password-backed credentials during sign-in. 
BeginSignInRequest.PasswordRequestOptions.Builder Builder for BeginSignInRequest.PasswordRequestOptions
BeginSignInResult Result returned from sign-in initiation that includes a PendingIntent that can be used to continue the sign-in flow. 
GetPhoneNumberHintIntentRequest Request object used to get an Intent to start the Phone Number Hint flow. 
GetPhoneNumberHintIntentRequest.Builder Builder for GetPhoneNumberHintIntentRequest  
GetSignInIntentRequest Request to get a Google sign-in intent. 
GetSignInIntentRequest.Builder Builder class for GetSignInIntentRequest
Identity The entry point to the Sign-In APIs. 
SaveAccountLinkingTokenRequest Configurations that allow saving a token to Google for the purpose of account linking. 
SaveAccountLinkingTokenRequest.Builder Builder for SaveAccountLinkingTokenRequest
SaveAccountLinkingTokenResult Result returned from the initial call to save an account linking token that includes a PendingIntent that can be used to continue the flow. 
SavePasswordRequest Configurations that allow saving a SignInPasswordto Google. 
SavePasswordRequest.Builder Builder for SavePasswordRequest
SavePasswordResult The result returned from calling CredentialSavingClient.savePassword(SavePasswordRequest) that includes a PendingIntent that can be used to launch the password saving flow. 
SignInCredential The credential returned as a result of a successful sign-in. 
SignInPassword An account ID such as a username or an email, and a password that can be used to sign a user in.