RemoteMediaClient.Listener This interface is deprecated. Use RemoteMediaClient.Callback instead.  
RemoteMediaClient.MediaChannelResult The result of a media command. 
RemoteMediaClient.ParseAdsInfoCallback The callback interface for parsing ads information from the custom data inside the MediaStatus
RemoteMediaClient.ProgressListener The listener interface for getting updates on the progress of the currently playing media. 


CastMediaOptions Configuration parameters for starting a Cast media session. 
CastMediaOptions.Builder A builder to create an instance of CastMediaOptions
ImageHints An object that provides hints to an ImagePicker about the type and size of an image to be selected for display in the UI. 
ImagePicker An image picker to pick an appropriate image from the list of images in a MediaMetadata based on the use of the image, for example, notification thumbnail or full screen background. 
MediaIntentReceiver A BroadcastReceiver for receiving media button actions from the status bar notification, the lock screen, and the cast dialog. 
MediaNotificationService A service to provide status bar notifications when casting. 
MediaQueue A data model representation of a media queue of arbitrary length. 
MediaQueue.Callback Callback interface for receiving updates from MediaQueue
MediaQueueArrayAdapter A ArrayAdapter for media queue using MediaQueue as backend. 
MediaQueueRecyclerViewAdapter<VH extends RecyclerView.ViewHolder> A RecyclerView.Adapter for media queue using MediaQueue as backend. 
MediaUtils Utils for remote media control. 
NotificationAction An object representing an action in the media notification. 
NotificationAction.Builder A builder for NotificationAction
NotificationActionsProvider If developers want to add dynamic custom actions in the media notification, they should extend this class to provide necessary data to build the media notification. 
NotificationOptions Configuration parameters for building the media notification. 
NotificationOptions.Builder A builder for creating an instance of NotificationOptions
RemoteMediaClient Class for controlling a media player application running on a receiver. 
RemoteMediaClient.Callback The callback for tracking player status changes. 
TracksChooserDialogFragment A DialogFragment to show the available tracks (Text and Audio) for user to select.