AppVisibilityListener This interface is deprecated. Don't use the SDK to listen to app visibility changes. Use alternative ways for watching activity lifecycle changes such as by overriding Activity lifecycle change methods, or by using Application.ActivityLifecycleCallbacks.  
CastStateListener A listener interface for monitoring the current CastState
IntroductoryOverlay A simple overlay view that highlights the Cast button to the user. 
IntroductoryOverlay.OnOverlayDismissedListener An interface to notify the clients when the overlay is dismissed explicitly when the user taps on the confirmation button. 
OptionsProvider Developers should implement this interface to provide options needed to create and initialize CastContext
SessionManagerListener<T extends Session> A listener interface for monitoring events of a particular type of Session instance. 


CastButtonFactory A factory class to set up a MenuItem or a MediaRouteButton to be used as a Cast button. 
CastContext A singleton class containing global context for the Cast SDK. 
CastOptions Configuration parameters for initializing the CastContext
CastOptions.Builder A builder to create an instance of CastOptions which is used to initialize the CastContext
CastReasonCodes A class containing developer-friendly error codes mapped from CastStatusCodes
CastSession An implementation of Session for managing connections to a Cast receiver device. 
CastState The possible casting states. 
IntroductoryOverlay.Builder The builder class that creates an instance of IntroductoryOverlay
MediaNotificationManager A class that manages the media notification. 
PrecacheManager The entry point of pre-cache APIs. 
ReconnectionService A service to run in the background when the playback of a media starts, to help with reconnection if needed. 
Session An abstract base class representing a session with a receiver application. 
SessionManager A class that manages Session instances. 
SessionProvider An abstract base class for performing session construction. 


ModuleUnavailableException An exception thrown when the internal Cast module fails to load.