SenderDisconnectedEventInfo.DisconnectReason Sender disconnect reasons. 


CastReceiverContext.MessageReceivedListener Listener for listening messages that come from the sender. 
CastReceiverOptions.LaunchRequestChecker Interface for checking if a launch request is supported. 
ReceiverOptionsProvider Provider of CastReceiverOptions


CastLaunchRequest The information about an request to launch or join the application. 
CastReceiverContext The singleton class as the entry point of the Cast TV SDK. 
CastReceiverContext.EventCallback Callback class for observing various events. 
CastReceiverOptions Options of Cast ATV receiver library. 
CastReceiverOptions.Builder Builder for CastReceiverOptions
CastReceiverUtils Utility class for miscellaneous helper methods. 
SenderDisconnectedEventInfo Information about a sender disconnected event. 
SenderInfo The information about a sender.