ModuleAvailabilityResponse.AvailabilityStatus The current install state for the install request. 
ModuleInstallStatusUpdate.InstallState The current install state for the install request. 


InstallStatusListener Listeners to receive updates of module install requests. 
ModuleInstallClient Interface for module install APIs. 


ModuleAvailabilityResponse Response returned from ModuleInstallClient.areModulesAvailable(OptionalModuleApi) indicating whether the requested modules are already present on device. 
ModuleInstall The main entry point for module install services. 
ModuleInstallIntentResponse Response returned from ModuleInstallClient.getInstallModulesIntent(OptionalModuleApi) that includes a PendingIntent that can be used to launch the module installation flow. 
ModuleInstallRequest Request object that is used to request installation of optional modules in ModuleInstallClient.installModules(ModuleInstallRequest)
ModuleInstallRequest.Builder The builder for creating an instance of ModuleInstallRequest
ModuleInstallResponse Response returned from ModuleInstallClient.installModules(ModuleInstallRequest) which includes an integer session id that is corresponding to a unique install request. 
ModuleInstallStatusCodes Status code for module install APIs. 
ModuleInstallStatusUpdate The status update of a ModuleInstallRequest
ModuleInstallStatusUpdate.ProgressInfo Download progress information for an ModuleInstallStatusUpdate