Algorithm An interface for an algorithm used in public key encryption. 


AuthenticationExtensions Represents extensions that can be passed into Fido2 APIs. 
AuthenticationExtensions.Builder Builder for AuthenticationExtensions
AuthenticatorAssertionResponse This structure contains cryptographic signatures produced by scoped credentials that provides proof of possession of a private key as well as evidence of user consent to a specific transaction. 
AuthenticatorAttestationResponse Represents a newly-created scoped credential, aka the response from a registration request. 
AuthenticatorErrorResponse Represents an error response data object  
AuthenticatorResponse Authenticators respond to relying party requests by returning an object derived from this interface. 
AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria Relying Parties may use the AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria to specify their requirements regarding authenticator attributes. 
AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria.Builder Builder for AuthenticatorSelectionCriteria
BrowserPublicKeyCredentialCreationOptions Parameters to a make credential request from a Web browser. 
BrowserPublicKeyCredentialCreationOptions.Builder Builder for BrowserPublicKeyCredentialCreationOptions
BrowserPublicKeyCredentialRequestOptions Parameters for a signature request from a Web Browser. 
BrowserPublicKeyCredentialRequestOptions.Builder Builder for BrowserPublicKeyCredentialRequestOptions
BrowserRequestOptions An abstract class representing browser-based request parameters. 
COSEAlgorithmIdentifier This class specifies the cryptographic signature algorithm with which the newly generated credential will be used, and thus the type of asymmetric key pair to be generated. 
FidoAppIdExtension Extension for FIDO appId, to support U2F backward compatibility in FIDO2 assertion requests. 
PublicKeyCredentialCreationOptions This class is used to supply options when creating a new credential. 
PublicKeyCredentialCreationOptions.Builder Builder for PublicKeyCredentialCreationOptions
PublicKeyCredentialDescriptor This class contains the attributes that are specified by a caller when referring to a credential as an input parameter to the registration or authentication method. 
PublicKeyCredentialParameters This class supplies additional parameters when creating a new credential. 
PublicKeyCredentialRequestOptions This class is used to supply an authentication request with the data it needs to generate an assertion. 
PublicKeyCredentialRequestOptions.Builder Builder for PublicKeyCredentialRequestOptions
PublicKeyCredentialRpEntity Represents the information about a relying party with which a credential is associated. 
PublicKeyCredentialUserEntity This class is used to supply additional parameters about the user account when creating a new Credential. 
RequestOptions An abstract class representing Fido2 request options. 
TokenBinding Represents the Token binding information provided by the relying party. 


Attachment Clients may communicate with authenticators using a variety of mechanisms. 
AttestationConveyancePreference An enum describing the relying party's preference for attestation conveyance. 
EC2Algorithm Algorithm names and COSE identifiers for EC2 (public) keys. 
ErrorCode Error codes that are referenced by WebAuthn spec. 
PublicKeyCredentialType This enumeration defines the valid credential types. 
RSAAlgorithm Algorithm names and COSE identifiers for RSA (public) keys. 


Attachment.UnsupportedAttachmentException Exception thrown when an unsupported or unrecognized attachment is encountered. 
AttestationConveyancePreference.UnsupportedAttestationConveyancePreferenceException Exception thrown when an unsupported or unrecognized attestation conveyance preference is encountered. 
COSEAlgorithmIdentifier.UnsupportedAlgorithmIdentifierException Exception thrown when an unsupported or unrecognized algorithm identifier is encountered. 
ErrorCode.UnsupportedErrorCodeException Exception thrown when an unsupported or unrecognized error code is encountered. 
PublicKeyCredentialDescriptor.UnsupportedPubKeyCredDescriptorException Exception thrown when an unsupported or unrecognized public key credential descriptor is encountered. 
PublicKeyCredentialType.UnsupportedPublicKeyCredTypeException Exception thrown when an unsupported or unrecognized transport is encountered. 
TokenBinding.UnsupportedTokenBindingStatusException Exception thrown when an unsupported or unrecognized TokenBinding.TokenBindingStatus is encountered.