Distance.Accuracy Possible values for the accuracy of a distance estimate. 
NearbyPermissions Determines the scope of permissions Nearby will ask for at connection time. 


BleSignal Represents properties of the BLE signal associated with a Message
Distance Represents the distance to a Message
Messages This interface is deprecated. Use MessagesClient.  
MessagesClient API which allows your app to publish simple messages and subscribe to receive those messages from nearby devices. 


EddystoneUid An Eddystone UID, broadcast by BLE beacons. 
IBeaconId An iBeacon ID, which can be broadcast by BLE beacons and iOS devices. 
Message A message that will be shared with nearby devices. 
MessageFilter Used to specify the set of messages to be received. 
MessageFilter.Builder Builder for MessageFilter
MessageListener A listener for receiving subscribed messages. 
MessagesOptions Configuration parameters for the Messages API. 
MessagesOptions.Builder Builder for MessagesOptions
NearbyMessagesStatusCodes Nearby.Messages specific status codes, for use in Status.getStatusCode()
PublishCallback Callback for events which affect published messages. 
PublishOptions Options for calls to Messages.publish(GoogleApiClient, Message)
PublishOptions.Builder Builder for instances of PublishOptions
StatusCallback Callbacks for global status changes that affect a client of Nearby Messages. 
Strategy Describes a set of strategies for publishing or subscribing for nearby messages. 
Strategy.Builder Builder for Strategy
SubscribeCallback Callback for events which affect subscriptions. 
SubscribeOptions Options for calls to Messages.subscribe(GoogleApiClient, PendingIntent)
SubscribeOptions.Builder Builder for instances of SubscribeOptions