OnStreamProtectEventListener Listener for StreamProtectEvent
StreamProtectClient Stream Protect client that handles API calls. 


ClockType ClockType informs Stream Protect what is the clock of the packet receiving time (microseconds) in FrameInfo from client app. 
FrameInfo A FrameInfo instance is a Parcelable that contains data about a video frame of a streaming session. 
StreamProtect Helpers for getting a StreamProtectClient for accessing the Stream Protect API. 
StreamProtectEvent A StreamProtectEvent instance is a Parcelable that indicates the status of Stream Protect. 
StreamProtectOptions StreamProtectOptions configure Stream Protect. 
StreamProtectOptions.Builder Builder to create a StreamProtectOptions


FeatureNotEnabledException Exception set by Task when Stream Protect is not enabled, but an API is called which requires Stream Protect to be enabled. 
FeatureNotSupportedException Exception set by Task when Stream Protect is not supported but an API is called.