public interface SafetyNetApi

The main entry point for interacting with SafetyNet.

Public Methods

public abstract PendingResult<SafetyNetApi.RecaptchaTokenResult> verifyWithRecaptcha (GoogleApiClient client, String siteKey)

This method was deprecated.
use verifyWithRecaptcha(String).

Provides user attestation with reCAPTCHA.

If reCAPTCHA is confident that this is a real user on a real device it will return a token with no challenge. Otherwise it will provide a visual/audio challenge to attest the humanness of the user before returning a token.

When you make a request with this API, you must provide your client GoogleApiClient and site public key as parameters, and after the request completes, you can get the SafetyNetApi.RecaptchaTokenResult from the response.

client The GoogleApiClient to service the call. The client must be connected using connect() before invoking this method.
siteKey A site public key registered for this app at //