Contains the Wallet Client for Google Play services.


CreateWalletObjectsRequest.CreateMode The creation mode to use. 
InstrumentInfo.CardClass Card class indicates whether it is a credit, debit or prepaid card. 
WalletConstants.BillingAddressFormat The Google Pay API will collect the billing address for you if required. 
WalletConstants.CardClass Card class indicates whether it is a credit, debit, or prepaid card. 
WalletConstants.CardNetwork Credit card networks. 
WalletConstants.PaymentMethod The payment methods you support. 
WalletConstants.PaymentMethodTokenizationType Payment method tokenization types. 
WalletConstants.TotalPriceStatus The status of the total price used in TransactionInfo


AutoResolvableResult Marks Task results which may involve showing UI to be resolved through ResolvableApiException and that support automatic resolution through the use of AutoResolveHelper


AutoResolvableVoidResult A Void result that is an AutoResolvableResult
AutoResolveHelper Helper to auto resolve Tasks that may throw ResolvableApiException to request UI being shown before returning the result. 
CardInfo Parcelable representing more detailed information about a payment card. 
CardRequirements Card requirements for the returned payment card. 
CardRequirements.Builder Builder to create a CardRequirements
CreateWalletObjectsRequest Parcelable representing request to create wallet objects. 
CreateWalletObjectsRequest.Builder Builder to create a CreateWalletObjectsRequest
GiftCardWalletObject Parcelable representing a gift card wallet object. 
GiftCardWalletObject.Builder Builder for GiftCardWalletObject
InstrumentInfo Parcelable representing more detailed information about a payment instrument. 
IsReadyToPayRequest A Parcelable request that can optionally be passed to isReadyToPay(IsReadyToPayRequest) to specify additional filtering criteria for determining if a user is considered ready to pay
IsReadyToPayRequest.Builder This class is deprecated. Use the JSON request format instead, see fromJson(String).  
LoyaltyWalletObject Parcelable representing a loyalty wallet object. 
LoyaltyWalletObject.Builder Builder to create a LoyaltyWalletObject
OfferWalletObject Parcelable representing an offer wallet object. 
OfferWalletObject.Builder Builder to create a OfferWalletObject
PaymentData Parcelable representing a payment data response, which contains the necessary payment result to complete the payment. 
PaymentDataRequest Parcelable representing a payment data request, which provides necessary information to support a payment. 
PaymentDataRequest.Builder This class is deprecated. Use the JSON request format instead, see fromJson(String).  
PaymentInstrumentType Payment instrument types that a merchant can support. 
PaymentMethodToken Parcelable representing payment method token. 
PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters Tokenization parameters passed by the integrator used to tokenize the credit card selected by the user. 
PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters.Builder Builder to create a PaymentMethodTokenizationParameters
PaymentMethodTokenizationType Payment method tokenization types. 
PaymentsClient Client for interacting with the Google Pay API. 
ShippingAddressRequirements Optional shipping address requirements for the returned shipping address. 
ShippingAddressRequirements.Builder Builder to create a ShippingAddressRequirements
TransactionInfo Parcelable representing the detailed info about the transaction. 
TransactionInfo.Builder Builder to create a TransactionInfo
Wallet The main entry point for Wallet library integration. 
Wallet.WalletOptions Options for using the Wallet API. 
Wallet.WalletOptions.Builder Wallet builder. 
WalletConstants Collection of constant values used by the ClientLibrary. 
WalletObjectsClient Entry point for Wallet objects functionality.