Styles a raster input with the provided OGC SLD styling.

Points of note:

 * OGC SLD 1.0 and OGC SE 1.1 are supported.

 * The XML document passed in can be complete, or just the SldRasterSymbolizer element and down.

 * Exactly one SldRasterSymbolizer is required.

 * Bands may be selected by their proper EarthEngine names or using numeric identifiers ("1", "2", ...). Proper EarthEngine names are tried first.

 * The Histogram and Normalize contrast stretch mechanisms are supported.

 * The type="values", type="intervals" and type="ramp" attributes for ColorMap element in SLD 1.0 (GeoServer extensions) are supported.

 * Opacity is only taken into account when it is 0.0 (transparent). Non-zero opacity values are treated as completely opaque.

 * The OverlapBehavior definition is currently ignored.

 * The ShadedRelief mechanism is not currently supported.

 * The ImageOutline mechanism is not currently supported.

 * The Geometry element is ignored.

The output image will have histogram_bandname metadata if histogram equalization or normalization is requested.

this: inputImageThe image to rendering using the SLD.
sldXmlStringThe OGC SLD 1.0 or 1.1 document (or fragment).